Zenerect Review

Better Erections?

When I first came across this product, I gotta be honest, I was intrigued because of the name.Anything that infers it has to do with Chinese alternative medicine, I’m pretty much roped into from the get go because I really believe in a lot of the traditional Chinese medicines that are out there, and I believe they were the pioneers of using formulas that actually really worked on the human body, yet were all natural with no chemicals.

So here goes with a review and product overview of Zenerect for you, don’t forget to check out our other reviews of herbal sexual enhancement products for men.

I’ve had plenty of success with Chinese medicine-based products myself, so I can attest to their effectiveness.

There’s a reason that a lot of the herbally based products have their foundation in Chinese medicine, such as the excellent orgasm boosting formulas of VigRX and Volume Pills, both of which use some of the principal ingredients that are used in Chinese medicine for bigger erections.

They also contribute to longer lasting stamina and increased sexual potency and pleasure, because it so happens that they have been the civilization that has been using it as an accepted means of medical practice the longest.

While Americans tend to look at herbal medicines as somewhat of an abstract concept at times, the Chinese know that their concoctions actually work because they have been using them for years.Zenerect has some of the best anti impotence herbs in use today, including some that you don’t often see in a lot of other herbally based impotence and sexual enhancement supplements, probably because they are harder to get would be my guess.

The first, tongkat ali, is derived from a tree that is native to various parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Tongkat is known and used for it’s purported properties that help to accelerate the production of testosterone.

Lack of testosterone is a known reason for erectile dysfunction, so the production of adequate levels of testosterone is vital to having a satisfying sex life if you’re a guy.

It’s been used in Chinese medicine preparations for male enhancement for years now, and is one of the active ingredients in Zenerect.

In addition to being used as a testosterone enhancer, it logically is also used in formulas for natural libido enhancement for men, and is also a commonly used supplement for bodybuilders, since they look for products that help with testosterone production to help build and maintain muscle mass. It’s also been insinuated that it may help with endurance and physical performance, which is why some athletes like it as well.

Another ingredient in Zenerect which has been well reviewed by users for it’s efficacy in libido enhancement and more powerful erections is called tribulus terrestris, but this one is native to warm, wet tropical climates in the European area, as well as in Africa and Australia.

It is known to increase the sex drive, although it is unclear whether it increases sex drive in both men and women.  The plant itself has a yellow flower on it, as many herbal plants do, but I’m unsure of which part makes up the active ingredients d’amour.

The third main ingredient is called Cordyceps.  It’s an extract that is taken from a root-like plant and it’s known to have powerful aphrodisiac properties.  It’s been used as a natural medicine for impotence for years now, and adds a powerful component to the Zenerect formula for male sex enhancement and libido booster.

Yohimbine is one you may have heard of, and also Korean ginseng, these are both energy enhancing herbs that help to increase endurance and blood flow, so it makes sense that they are the perfect complementary ingredients to the others which are more driven toward the actual physiological part of an erection.

This way, you get the erection, and you get it larger, harder and longer lasting, but your endurance is also much better, adding to the overall effect of the formula.

Now, for some more facts about taking Zenerect, and why it gets a good review from the men who take it as a sexual enhancement tool.  It’s effect start fairly quickly, around 30 to 45 minutes, so you don’t have to wait around for hours to put it into effect.

Unlike many prescription erectile drugs, it can be taken with alcohol if so desired, and it can also be taken with food if you’d like.  It also can last up to 72 hours, with the typical time frame being 36 to 72 hours.

The cost of taking Zenerect per pill is much less than that of prescription drugs, about one eighth actually at it’s best, and it really produces some very comparable results – heck a lot of men even prefer it because it has less warnings and cautions and they can get it without a prescription.


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