What’s Up with Guy’s Morning Erections?

It’s a pretty well known phenomenon that men often get “morning woodies”. Woodies are erections, in case you haven’t brushed up on your modern slang lately :)  Often times men see this happen, but it’s not something that happens consistently, it’s usually just a once in a while occurrence.  So, what causes morning erections to happen?  Is it because we were dreaming about hot babes, or is it something less sexual and more mechanical, like when you sometimes get a hard on when you have to pee really bad?

The exact reason that it happens isn’t known yet, but there are theories as to why men develop erections during the night or morning with no stimulation or VigRX (an alternative to other impotence and male performance drugs) for that matter.  The thought is that these spontaneous erections are closely linked with Rapid Eye Movement during sleep, or REM, which is a phase of very deep sleep that we go through, where we happen to get the deepest, most restorative rest of the night.

Scientists think that it’s related to a complex chain reaction that release nitric oxide into the blood stream, which is basically an agent that helps increase blood flow, and this is part of why erections happen. So, you’re getting a sort of natural VigRX from your REM if you will.  Some guys may find this a bit embarrassing if they are caught in a compromising position, but let’s face it, if you have a girlfriend or a wife, then it’s really not all that big of a deal ’cause they’ve probably seen it a hundred times.

So, do guys actually feel sexually aroused when they have these morning hard ons?  It depends on the guy.  Some guys do feel some sort of sexual response, like they could go at it if they had the opportunity, while other guys feel like it’s a totally mechanical thing, a nuisance that will go down with time that they don’t necessarily have to “do anything” about.

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From a product reviewer that's tried it all. I've tried a lot and know a lot about products in the field of male enhancement and sexual enhancement, so I figured I'd spread my knowledge, since it's one of my passions - no pun intended.

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