What is the Most Sensitive Part of the Penis?

The most sensitive areas of the male penis are of course going to differ slightly depending on the guy. However, as it is with female sexual anatomy, there is pretty much a rule of thumb that is rarely broken when it comes to the most sensitive, erogenous part of their sexual organ.

That part for men is the head of the penis, and it is especially sensitive around the rim, or ridge of the penis that is at the very tip.  If you’re a woman reading this, test this theory out on your man, and you will find that the tip of the penis is extremely sensitive. For women, the most sensitive area tends to be her clitoris, although this can also vary per woman.

The reason that any part of the body is more sensitive to touch, and therefore more easily sexually aroused, is that it contains more nerve endings than other parts of the body.  Nerve endings send signals to the brain in the form of pain or pleasure, depending on what’s going on outside of the body, and the body interprets these signals and dictates how you feel about this form of touch.

One of the best ways to help make the most our of this male hot spot is to pay a lot of attention to when it is being manually stimulated by hand or by mouth.  Gentle licking, touching, pulling and light stroking is the best way to help your man out and make him quiver with pleasure and anticipation at what’s next.

Of course, for the guys, pay attention to the clitoris on a woman. Women love when men manually stimulate this area VERY GENTLY with their fingers.  Some guys may go too rough, and that’s really not pleasurable. Ask your lady what the right amount of pressure is for this highly sensitive erogenous zone and she’ll be happy to tell you – don’t be shy!

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From a product reviewer that's tried it all. I've tried a lot and know a lot about products in the field of male enhancement and sexual enhancement, so I figured I'd spread my knowledge, since it's one of my passions - no pun intended.

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