Size Genetics Review

Size Genetics Penile Enlargement System

Size Genetics Penile Enlargement System

Actually it stood out pretty far (no pun intended), because I had never heard of these devices that actually work to physically lengthen the penis and add inches to it in a manual fashion, and I was intrigued that you could actually “train” your penis to get larger.It works in the penis to lengthen it by gently “training” the essential ligament in the penis which makes it long (or short), thereby creating your very own naturally longer penis over time.

In combination with the exercise DVD that comes with the lengthening device, your penis becomes not only longer over time but also you can increase the girth of your erections and fullness of your penis with their volume pills.

If you think that the idea of expanding human tissue and making a body part larger is hogwash, there is also a device women use (which is also very effective) called the Brava to “mechanically” gradually enlarge their breasts by encouraging new tissue growth through the stimulation of your natural existing cells.

The Size Genetics Penis Enlargement System comes with two supplements with the patented ingredients Drlizen and Solidilin, which are original, effective natural ingredients for maximum male enhancement, growth and virility.

I liked this aspect of the supplement part of the Size Genetics system because these are unique natural oral pills which complement the lengthening of the penis extender device by increasing volume (thickness, or girth of the penis).

This is what most guys are looking for, in addition to the ever-sought lengthening of the shaft itself.  By adding components which also help expand the girth by increasing blood flow, as well as increasing semen output (which dramatically intensifies orgasms), this system addresses two issue at once.

No More “Stuffing” Your Shorts?

While most companies just try to sell pills that claim to miraculously enlarge your penis on their own, Size Genetics takes a comprehensive approach to all-around, effective and results oriented penile enhancement and enlargement with the whole kit ‘n caboodle.  What’s the whole kitncaboodle?  Penis enlargement both width and girth wise, as well as length enhancement.Troy Before/After Size GeneticsThe Size Genetics System consists of three components which work together to enlarge and make thicker the male penis by encouraging the natural and slow development of tissue fullness along the shaft of the penis.  The three components of the Size Genetics System are as follows:

1.  A medical grade penis extender, which is a device that gently encourages the expansion of the penile tissue over time.  By the way, this device, as well as the system are doctor approved, and the company has backing for that claim.  It is also backed by Dr. Kegel – that’s the guy that invented the Kegel exercise for women which strengthens a woman’s vaginal muscles for better orgasms and sex.

For information on how to get this device alone or get special package deals see links below.  It’s also reportedly very comfortable to “wear”, which would be one of men’s main concerns since part of the system is a device that is designed to actually manually help to increase the tissue volume in this area.

Let’s talk a little more about the principle of using a device to help lengthen the penis and increase it’s overall size.  If you doubt that this sort of mechanism would work to such an end, think of it as a tool that is similar to a traction machine for your penis.

You are gradually encouraging the lengthening of the shaft through safe exercises (by the way, exercises have been used for hundreds of years by men to lengthen their penis), and the mechanical action of the penis lengthening device. You can see before and after pictures of men who have used this system successfully to enlarge their penis, it’s quite impressive what this system can do.

2. Prosolution Pills – these are all natural pills that help the entire growth process.  You get two bottles with the complete package.  This product creates more blood flow so that there is more circulation to the penis, which helps to encourage growth.

So, the whole point of using these pills in conjunction with the penis extender is that not only will the penis extender help to elongate your penis in a flacid state, but the Prosolution pills contain ingredients that engorge it more with blood so that the penis is even fuller and larger when it is erect, especially after any growth attained through the extender.

3.  Volume Pills - this natural supplement is more of an overall sexual enhancement product designed for better, longer sex, and to increase the volume of semen production, which can help to enhance orgasmic activity.

Volume pills are what the insinuate, and that is they create more volume, which means more girth and length, and more pleasure for your partner during sex.  Because it helps to enlarge the erect penis even more, it will also greatly boost your sensation as well as your sexual partner’s.

Independent Customer Reviews of the Size Genetics System
There are a few good posts found on forums by men who are currently using or have used the system successfully that are very encouraging, and point to the fact that this system is a legitimate way to naturally enlarge your penis safely.  Here is one of the guys who wrote down his measurements/results:
“It has been one month. I am impressed, didn’t think I would get this much so far”
Flaccid 5″ + 1.0
Girth 4.25 – 0.25 25
Hard Length 6.75 + .50
girth 5.10 + .10″


So Here’s the Final Analysis and Review and Verdict on the Size Genetics System :

  • It’s legit
  • I can say I recommend Size Genetics ($50 off now, our gift to you) with confidence
  • It’s worked on countless men – the proof is in the volume of outside testimony to this fact
  • It’s doctor approved and safe
  • It’s top notch quality
  • It’s a very reputable company with a great track record for customer satisfaction and service
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