Sex Deprivation and Anxiety in Men

If you’re a woman with a husband of a boyfriend, then you know what witholding sex and sexual touching and contact can do to most of your partners. Let’s just put it this way,  when men are deprived of sexual contact, it is the equivalent of female PMS, because we men need to have some sort of “release” that helps us get rid of excess testosterone buildup.  As one of my male friend likes to say he needs to “get rid of the poison” in his body (aka semen) at least a few times a week to even be a functioning human being and not bite someone’s head off.

That’s not to say that women who are deprived of sex aren’t reactive to this in the same way, some of them are, but men are even more prone to this because they are evolutionary creatures of habit, meaning that they were basically genetically engineered to want to have sex often for the proliferation of the human race, since women were created with naturally lower sex drives (I realize these statements aren’t universal by the way, there are always exceptions to the rule, men who don’t like sex and women who can’t get enough).

Because of this basic difference, we hear the stereotypical woman’s excuse of having a headache, or just plain old not wanting to be touched or be sexual in any way for no real reason at all, while us guys are chomping at the bit for some sort of action at least every few days, if not more.

It has been noted not only by individual couples, but by studies that indicate there are rises in men’s stress hormone levels when they have not had a sexual release in a long time, via self stimulation or by real sexual contact with another partner, and they may exhibit their frustration by acting out, snapping at their partners or others, or becoming withdrawn and constantly anxious about things they’re not really supposed to be.

All in all, sex deprivation really isn’t good for a man’s health.  But it’s also not good for a woman’s health.  In fact, although women may not experience the out and out strong sexual desire that men tend to, they also benefit health wise from having sex often.  It’s been shown that women benefit psychologically from contact with men’s semen in their vagina. They actually have correlated light depression with lack of sexual intercourse in women, which is interesting.  I guess that frequent, good sex is essential to both men and women.

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From a product reviewer that's tried it all. I've tried a lot and know a lot about products in the field of male enhancement and sexual enhancement, so I figured I'd spread my knowledge, since it's one of my passions - no pun intended.

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