Penis Shrinkage Due to Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Boy oh boy, just another reason to keep that prostate healthy!  I recently read an article that links the typical treatment for prostate cancer and a shortening of the penis.  This means your penis becomes smaller, shorter to be exact, and most men do not want this unless they are already hung like a horse or something!  Why exactly does the prostate cancer treatment shorten the penis size?

Well, many men who have prostate cancer treatments for local prostate cancer, receive a combination of a hormone treatment along with a series of radiation treatments.  Research shows that these treatments together have resulted in a significantly shorter penis in a lot of men who have had the combo therapy.

The research was done on a group of men who received this combination therapy for prostate cancer, and it was found that the average penis shrinkage after eighteen months of treatment was astoundingly high – about 2 inches of shrinkage, or even a little more, give or take a few centimeters. Up until now, the evidence that radiation therapy alone could shrink a man’s penis was purely anecdotal, but now this new study appears to prove that at least the hormone combo therapy with radiation tends to shrink the penile length significantly.

Why can’t it do the opposite, like make these men’s penises grow larger, at least, so they can have a good side effect?  But no, we all know things don’t usually work themselves out that way, that’d be too lucky!  Perhaps these men, after successful treatment, could embark on a penis enlargement exercise program and that would help to stretch the penis as well as re-train it to grow longer on its own.

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