Penile Enlargement

Size Genetics Penile Enlargement System

While many men are satisfied with the size of penis they have been blessed with, there are some that feel they could be a better lover or have more lovers if their penis was larger.

For some men, a smaller penis is often associated with a lower level of self-confidence.

However, if you’re a male that is feeling the effects of having a smaller penis, there are many non-surgical methods such as the uber popular Size Genetics device and accompanying natural penile enlargement system.

Because the penis is generally made up of muscle and soft tissue and the actual length is controlled by a ligament which can be gradually manipulated to be longer over time, the size of the penis can be increased, just like the muscles in your arms and legs.

With exercises that are done correctly, research has concluded that a man can induce penile enlargement by over an inch or more. The penis is comprised of two specific areas, the Corpora Cavernosa that allows blood to flow to the penis.

When the blood flows into these two areas that run the entire length of the penis, the penis will become erect.

When using natural treatments and exercises for penile enlargement, they should allow for more blood to flow into these areas and when done routinely, the end result will be penile enlargement. The following are some of the best natural penile enlargement treatments.

Some of the most touted natural penile enlargement techniques are exercises to increase the size of the penis. In fact, exercises for penile enlargement have been used for centuries in many different cultures, including Arabs.

One such method is called jelging. Generally, this is a massage done on a semi-erect penis for approximately twenty to thirty minutes each day. The gentle massage, from the base of the penis to the head of the penis, will push the blood and swelling to toward the head of the penis.

This will increase both the length and girth of the penis. However, due to the possibility of pain and discomfort, men should only use this procedure if they have been correctly informed on this technique for penile enlargement.

Other methods of penile exercises include ballooning and weight hanging. With ballooning, the exercise involves holding back the ejaculation. This will help to expand the ability of the penis to hold more blood, therefore, increasing the size of the penis.

As you continue with this exercise each time you have intercourse, the penis should be able to hold more blood and if done regularly, a difference in the penis size should be noticed within a short time. This, of course, does depend on how often you have intercourse.

As with any exercises, those done for penile enlargement must be done correctly and regularly to see any improvement. Likewise, as with exercises for other parts of the body, the results can begin to reverse if the exercises are not continued.

Weight hanging to stretch the penis is another natural treatment that has been used for many penile enlargements in many different cultures. Generally, weights or other devices are hung off the penis to allow for penile enlargement. This method, however, can take a long time to accomplish and the special devices used for this in today’s world are very costly.

It has been proven to accomplish penile enlargement in the length, but the girth will not necessarily be changed with this method. Again, before anyone tries this method, it is best to seek out guidance with those who have experience in teaching these weight-hanging exercises.

Of course, with today’s interest in natural methods of treatments, there are many herbal treatments available for penile enlargement, as well. Many of these herbal remedies include herbs such as Yohimbine and Saw Palmetto.

Careful research has been done on Yohimbine and it has been proven to increase the sex drive and as it can also help with better blood circulation, it makes sense that it would assist in letting more blood flow into the penis. Saw Palmetto is often used as a natural treatment for prostrate problems and will help to increase the sex drive, as well.

When you are investigating all natural treatments for penile enlargement and you are looking at many of the herbal remedies online, make sure the one you choose has ingredients that will actually work.

Zinc is another important ingredient that should be included in your diet when working on increasing the size of your penis as it may help with growth and it will also assist in promoting healthy sperm. If the herbal supplement you choose does not include Zinc, you will find that bananas are a great source for it.

Other ingredients that are known to be used for male enhancement include Siberian Ginseng, Avena Sativa, Nettle, and Ashwagandha. While most of these have been studied, the results have not been scientifically proven to increase the size of the penis, but rather to increase sexual energy.

However, many of these same particular herbs have been used in many cultures throughout history for male enhancement and may have even led to penile enlargement.

While penis size may not matter to many men or women, the fact is the size of the penis is significant to many. While many of the natural penile enlargement treatments you may see are simply scams, there are some that will help to grow one’s penis. It is simply a matter of doing the research on what exercises and herbal remedies have been proved to work and dedicating yourself to your endeavor.

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