Men and Zinc

You’ve probably noticed, if you’ve ever taken any sort of holistic male enhancement supplement, or a men’s multivitamin, that there is an importance placed on the presence of a certain mineral – zinc – in most of them.

Zinc is actually a necessary nutrient for all humans, not just men. However, it’s especially important to the male reproductive and sexual organs for a few reasons, and hence it is included in the top vitamins and supplements that are aimed specifically at men.

First of all, men with adequate amounts of zinc running through their body tend to have both higher sperm counts, and higher performing sperm. That means they have the “good swimmers” and are more likely to get a woman pregnant. Zinc may be prescribed as a way to help a man get his sperm count up or to perhaps help a couple conceive a child.

Zinc also apparently exhibits an important role as a contributor to male prostate health.  It is not immediately clear why that is, but men with very low counts of zinc tend to have a higher risk of prostate cancer – another great reason for men to make sure they get enough of this nutrient.

By the way, some of the foods that zinc is commonly found in are tasty and healthy in other ways too.  Nuts and seeds are often high in zinc, as well as in other beneficial fatty acids and vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Zinc deficiencies in general can be linked to acne, poor digestion, and poor fertility in men. Women need zinc too, but for some reason, men’s bodies seem to use zinc in a big way when it comes to their reproductive and sex organs.

Also, considering that it seems to play a role in prostate health is another good reason to make sure you either get your nuts and seeds on a daily basis, or get your zinc via another men’s supplement.

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About David L

From a product reviewer that's tried it all. I've tried a lot and know a lot about products in the field of male enhancement and sexual enhancement, so I figured I'd spread my knowledge, since it's one of my passions - no pun intended.

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