Herbal Male Enhancement Supplements

Herbal Male Enhancement

Herbal Male Enhancement

In the wake of an incredible wave of offerings in the male sexual enhancement industry, top dogs like Viagra and Cialis, there has also been a wave of herbal male enhancement supplement offerings to men.

Especially men who want sexual enhancement but do not want to pay a doctor and pay for many times pricey prescriptions in order to keep a steady supply of these drugs.

You will find several suggestions below for herbal formulas like the very popular VP-RX Virility Treatment, which has been called a “natural viagra“.

There are other potent natural aphrodisiacs and performance boosters we will talk about, based on what other men have found to be helpful products for the health of their sex life.

Also, although admittedly herbs can have side effects as well, which tend to differ with each person and depend on the individual’s sensitivity to certain herbs, these male enhancement drugs have been reported to have quite a range of uncomfortable side effects.

These side effects can include headache, dizziness, heart palpitations and even more serious ones which should be the reason your doctor seriously screens your health before putting you on a male enhancement drug, such as heart attack or associated heart problems, and even blindness.

Virility VP-RX, Herbal Male Enhancer

Herbal male enhancement supplements have come up in popularity for a few reasons :

1.) Ease and privacy of use. You get them in the mail, usually discreetly packaged, unless you choose to go to a natural health store and purchase an herbal alternative. You also do not need a prescription.

2.) Many times, they are more economical.

3.) You are putting a natural plant derivative in your body, instead of a potent chemical substance.

4.) There are even some reported additional benefits in many of these herbal male sexual enhancement products, such as increased energy and elevated mood. This of course depends on the product you choose, but these have been reported side effects that are GOOD.

Herbal male enhancement supplements can be used by men who either feel they have somewhat of a sexual issue or problem, like premature ejaculation or low libido, or they can also be ordered by men who feel they need to put the zing back in their sex life. Another popular reason for herbal alternatives is the idea of increasing the penis size or erection size.

This is accomplished through herbs typically used in male enhancement formulas which increase blood flow to the penis, and can even be combined with a penis enlargement device, such as the medically backed Size Genetics System.

What are most herbal male product purchased for? It seems most are purchased for either an enhanced sex life or to just improve the penis and erection size so that a man can better please his sexual partner or partners.

Both can be achieved safely and effectively through systems used for penis enlargement better than just an herbal supplement on its own in my opinion. Ingredients range in these products as well.

There are several Western-derived herbs as well as Chinese medicine herbs that are commonly used in herbal male enhancement formulas. Oh, and there are even some ayurvedic medicines (of Indian origin) principles used as well.

All these types of natural medicines have their benefits, and I’m sure their drawbacks. This is why you should read the products indications carefully. If the product you’re looking at primarily is directed at increasing libido and you’re looking more for something that can increase penis and erection size, then you know you should direct your search efforts elsewhere.

Now, for the ingredients. As I said, there are several different methodologies used in herbal male enhancement, and the ingredients will differ as well.

It is the velvet of a grown male deer, to achieve sexual arousal – over and over again wink wink. Another popular herb used that you may find is the ironically named “horny goat weed”, or epimedium leaf extract.

This is one of the main ingredients in another immensely popular herbal male enhancement product called VigRX that is featured all the time in mens’ magazines. The epimedium leaf has been used for years in Chinese medicine as a libido maximizer and an improvement mechanism for erectile function, which means it improves hardness, length, and stamina as well.

Zinc and L-Arginine are also hugely effective components of some formulas, like the VigRX formula which helps increase penis and erection volume by helping the penis hold more blood and increasing the blood flow locally to the penile/pelvic area.  See the VigRX review for full info and even some customer feedback on this one.

L-Arginine is, in itself a stimulant, even when applied topically. Women even use this stuff for sexual enhancement – it’s amazing stuff. The corpus canervosum, the two chambers within the penis that fill up with blood.

You can actually visualize them very well just looking at the exterior of your penis – are assisted by these minerals and this natural substance to fill up more efficiently and more fully, and then to stay that way for longer to please your partner for a longer, stronger lovemaking.

Other interesting herbs I’ve seen included in these supplemental formulas for male enhancement are “hot” spices such as cayenne, but this makes sense because hot spices actually increase metabolism and blood flow through simple ingestion.

Another interesting one is Eleuthero, which is commonly used by herbalists for patients who express they are having a lot of anxiety in their life and cannot concentrate.

This most likely helps to relax the nervous system, so that libido can again resurface, since libido is one of the first things to disappear when a person is under a lot of stress, and men often look for natural libido help when this happens rather than getting a prescription drug.

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