Great Sex Keeping You in a Bad Relationship?

If you’ve done any amount of extensive dating in your life, even when you were much younger, and now you’re in a stable, good relationship, you can probably identify with this rather common sex-trap.

It’s the trap that many a women and men fall in to. The one where you are very sexually attracted to someone, and some how, all the bells and whistles go off when you have sex, but on the other fronts, everything is not so great.

We’ve all been there. You find someone who you have a really great connection with sexually.  You realize suddenly after a few weeks or longer that you really have nothing else in common with this person and that your conversation is lacking. Or maybe this person isn’t really all that nice to you, or they have habits or lifestyles that you just don’t get.

In other words, you are compatible with this person in only one way – sexually.

You have nothing else in common, nor are you compatible in so many other ways you’ve lost count.

But that sex, oh that hot, sexy sex keeps you coming back for more, right!?

This is a common trap that some early-on couples find themselves in. They find themselves staying in a relationship where really they will never fall in love – real love – with this person. But they stay in it because of that intense sexual connection.

Sex is a very powerful influence over our minds and our bodies. It is not to be underestimated. Sex is the reason we are first attracted to someone.  It is the reason that we ultimately hook up with our life mates.

But when it comes to long term love, sex dies down, the excitement wears off, and if you don’t have a solid basis of friendship and commonalities, then long term, you can expect these types of superficial relationships to fizzle out.

Because great sex always fades into the sunset, it’s just a common fact of life. What does not is an enduring, deep love for one another. The sex can always be recharged throughout the years.

Taking vacations together and doing new things in the sack will keep that fresh, but you can’t “refresh” a spiritual connection that’s meant to last forever, that’s either there or it’s not. So, how many of you have stayed in bad relationships waaaay too long because of the great sex? Raise your hands, come on don’t be shy now!

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From a product reviewer that's tried it all. I've tried a lot and know a lot about products in the field of male enhancement and sexual enhancement, so I figured I'd spread my knowledge, since it's one of my passions - no pun intended.

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