Enhance 9

Virility BP-RX pills

I’ve got a new product to tell you about.  It’s called Enhance 9, and it’s kind of unique in a few ways. 

****Update, the company has discontinued this product, but they have another that does the same thing called Virility VP RX.

It’s blue, just like another certain VERY popular male enhancement product sold only by prescription in the United States, but it’s different from these types of medications because first of all, it’s bigger and it’s all natural.

Erectile enhancement prescription drugs like the famous blue one and it’s relatives, as we all know, can be a great product for men who are looking to correct and rectify ongoing problems with erectile dysfunction, and there are certainly times when it is needed.

However, if you are looking to enhance your sexual prowess with a less side-effect-prone natural alternative, then this product Enhance 9 is a great natural product that produces real results quickly, in addition to a new potent natural male enhancement product called Male Extra with a super concentrated special pomegranate extract that has been called a “natural viagra”.

Enhance 9 allows you to obtain and maintain erections more quickly, and for a longer period of time, and men report stronger orgasms while taking the product as well, which may actually cause a little bit of psychological addiction, if we do say so ourselves :)

It works as other natural male enhancement products (say they) do, in that it helps to enhance a man’s sexual stamina, the ability to get and maintain an erection in the first place, and also provides a more powerful orgasm.

It comes in blister packs of 15 vitamin sized blue tablets, and initial response to the product has been positive so far as a natural alternative to other sexual dysfunction products which are man made and require a prescription from a physician.

Sexual Satisfaction Makes Life Easier

What’s in Enhance 9?  Well, first off the product contains no yohimbe or ephedra, an ingredient that can be found in some other herbal male enhancement and penis enlargement products which can speed up the heart rate, produce a feeling of nervousness, and even cause you to sweat and speak weird!  Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience here :(

It is designed to work almost immediately, so the element of spontaneity isn’t thrown out the window, as it can be with some other products designed to intensify and increase the quality of a sexual experience for a man.

What Looks Good About This Product?

I still prefer these two products to most any other male enhancement products on the market today :  VigRX and Prosolution Pills

What I like about this new Enhance 9 product is that it doesn’t just have a bunch of speedy ingredients that are just supposed to increase your heart rate and your blood flow only, but it’s got genuinely good for you ingredients like saw palmetto, and vitamin E, along with a whole host of other herbs and natural vitamins that are good for overall men’s health, and found in quality mens health supplements.

They do work similarly, but two of them actually work a bit different from the pioneer in the field and may produce different results in different men, which is why some men prefer to try more than one to see which one gives the best results.

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    i have a problem with hair – in other words, i have a lot of body hair for a man, and i was wondering if anyone knew what was a good way for a guy to get rid of body hair?  it’ s embarassing when i go to get intimate with a woman.

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